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10 Powerful Ways to Integrate Your Brand Identity into Your Facility Design

An outpatient center's physical environment can be a powerful tool for creating a strong brand experience for both patients and staff. This goes beyond just a logo on the wall. Here are 10 opportunities to consider, from subtle design choices to bold architectural statements:

1. Tie the Design Concept to Your Identity:

  • Get Inspired: The facility's parti, or central concept, could stem from its primary function. For instance, a neurology center could use the two hemispheres of the brain as inspiration, while an orthopedic facility might incorporate elements inspired by the human body's major joints. A plastic surgery center could play with the concept of renewal through layering or transformation. The possibilities are endless.

2. Material Matters:

  • Let Your Materials Speak: Choose materials that reflect your brand's essence. A modern, tech-focused center might use sleek metal and glass, while a center focused on wellness might incorporate natural elements like wood and stone. Exposed concrete or stone could be used to emphasize stability, or recycled materials, literally and figuratively, to promote sustainability.

3. Brand Your Space with Color and Graphics:

  • Color Speaks Volumes: Align your color palette with your brand identity. Colors can invoke feelings such as a sense of calm or optimism or dynamism.
  • Graphics that Pop: Incorporate your brand's logo and messaging into the architecture using super graphics, murals, or color blocking techniques.

4. A Mission in Motion:

  • Values on Display: Showcase your mission and values statement prominently in the waiting room and/or staff lounge using mounted letters or creative graphics.

5. Informative Displays:

  • Engage and Educate: Utilize video monitors, VR experiences, or interactive displays to educate patients about your facility's procedures, technology, or unique design features. Include a display that highlights how the center's architectural design enhances the patient experience and delivery of service.

6. Art that Aligns:

  • Art with a Purpose: Select artwork that resonates with your brand. An orthopedic center might showcase images of healthy, active people, while a gastroenterology center could feature landscapes depicting orchards, grain fields, and harvest scenes to evoke a sense of sustenance and nourishment.
  • Sculptural Statement: Consider adding a sculptural element that embodies your brand identity, placed in a public place inside or outside the facility.

7. Furnishings that Reflect Your Style:

  • Choose Furnishings that Match: Select furniture styles and colors that complement your overall brand aesthetic.

8. Signage as an Architectural Element:

  • Plan Early: Integrate signage into the design process from the beginning. Treat it as an architectural element, not just an afterthought.
  • Harmony is Key: Choose fonts for your messaging that harmonize with the overall architectural style.

9. Project Your Brand Identity:

  • Shine a Light: Project your logo on the sidewalk or building exterior for high-impact brand visibility.

10. Beyond the Walls:

  • Waiting Room Amenities: Incorporate features in the waiting area that add to a sense of place like a computer bar, reading room, movie theater, healing garden, or even an art gallery.
  • Staff Appreciation: Incorporate branded elements like nameplates on lockers to create a sense of community and belonging for your staff.

By implementing ideas such as these, you can create an outpatient facility that goes beyond functionality to become a true expression of your brand identity, fostering trust and a positive experience for both patients and staff. Contact us at Hardaway|Sziabowski Architects if we can help you elevate the design of your ambulatory healthcare facility.